Frequently Asked Questions

"I inspect the home you are buying or building like it was going to be my own. I only do two inspections a day so as to have the time for a complete and detailed inspection. I encourage you to attend the inspection and do not mind answering any questions you have during the inspection."

Frequently Asked Questions

Every inspection includes the following:

During the on-site inspection I will explain any and all deficiencies found and answer any questions you have while we go through the home. At the end of the inspection, I will have a “summary” discussion with you of the problems that were found and explain the items that will appear in the written narrative report. At the end of the inspection, within 24 hours, I will provide you the printed report. I can also fax or email the report to anyone you would like.

Q: Some inspectors charge less than you charge. Why do you cost more?

A: Quality! I am service oriented on site and spend the time so my clients understand what the homes condition is like now, what major items will be needed in the future, and what maintenance it will take through the years. My Home Inspection Reports are quite specific. For example, instead of just listing “plumbing leaks yes” or “there is a leak in a sink”, my reports state “there is a leak in the trap in the right hand sink in the master bathroom”. All this takes time, but my clients like this level of service.

Some of my clients use the report as a reference document as they work through the repairs and improvements in their home. Additionally, your real estate agent will be in a stronger negotiating position for you—he/she will be able to use my clear explanations of issues in my reports when they negotiate with the sellers.

Q: Do you follow any standards?

A: Yes! My inspection procedures and written reports conform to the Texas Real Estate Commision Standards of Practice. The State of Texas is one of the few states to require licensing of Home Inspectors.

Q: Should we attend the inspection?

A: Yes! In fact, I encourage you to attend the inspection (yes, I work weekends). There are many situations that I can point out and discuss with you (as well as answer your questions) while we are looking at the home together. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get a better feel for the home. While I try to be as thorough and clear as possible in my written reports, the conversations that I have with you personally at the inspection are generally very valuable and may offer additional insights and suggestions. I may mention little things in person that might not warrant being included in the formal written report.

Q: Why should we choose T.O.C. Inspections?

A: Here are a few of the reasons that my inspection services are special:

  • Experience!
  • Service! I produce a clearly-written, plain-English narrative report, not a checklist or a technical jargon filled report. I complete the written report quickly—within 24 hours. I emphasize problem solving, not just problem finding. Whenever possible, I offer practical and economical solutions and maintenance tips.
  • I can usually schedule your inspection within 1-3 days. Weekend and early evening service is available.
  • Commitment! I am available to answer your questions in the future as long as you own the home. Anything I can help you with by phone, fax or e-mail is always a courtesy at no charge. I enjoy my work and my clients!
  • I have built my business on referrals from satisfied clients so I do my best to keep the fee reasonable and fair.

Q: What is a home inspection and why do we need one?

A: A home inspection is like putting your home through a physical exam by an objective professional. All the major systems and components of the house are checked top to bottom. This includes the plumbing, electrical and heating systems, as well as the structural components, such as the roof and crawl space.

I identify serious situations that will be expensive to repair—you may want to negotiate with the sellers concerning the handling of these expenses or if the inspection is for your home warranty you will have the documentation for the claim. Additionally, I look for safety and minor repairs, and also advise you with information on maintaining your house. Every house is unique and by helping you understand what it will take to care of this particular home, you can be assured that it will be a safe and dependable home for you and your family.